Book Asset bundle

you’ll need this to follow the book. There are two versions here, the original bundle and a newly updated bundle for Unity 4.x users containing import settings required for the model files in the package. Choose a bundle below.

download_unity_asset_bundle download_unity_bundle-old

Glossary of Terms

This is a PDF download of the Glossary that didn’t make it into the book due to it being over page count. I tried to get it in but wasn’t allowed, sorry!

Here it is-

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  1. Just FYI… do not open this file with the Default Archive Utility on a mac. It corrupts the files. Use Stuffit Expander or something else instead

    • Sorry about this, had you already unzipped it? You’re trying to import the .unitypackage file right?

  2. Cannot import the package.. when imported it gives folder Book Assets-2 that contain various folders with long names ..
    Running Unity on Mac Os X Lion
    Please Check the issue on Mac os x… Thanks In Advance

    • This is a zipping issue, not sure what causes it for some users but try unzipping with zipeg for mac – that seems to work consistently.

  3. Hi, I was wondering if the asset bundle is for windows or mac? I keep trying to open it with unity and it tells me it is in an unknown format. Thanks.

  4. i downloaded the package files from both this site + packt after purchasing yr book/ they unzip as lots of folders with “uncompiled” files/how do i use this? i am on a Mac OS10.7/ do you have the SDK for these files? thanks..

    • Hi Geraldine, that’s just a broken unzip- try again with zipeg for mac until you just get one .unitypackage file.

  5. Will, great book! I’m really excited to finish. I’ve got the island all sculpted, textured with grass and trees, and have got my 1person guy navigating around the island. It’s very exciting.

    However, there is an enormous hangup. I can’t get unity to import the Book Asset Bundle on my Mac. I downloaded the file from your site. I unzipped the file. I see the folder titled Book Assets siting on my desktop. In Unity I go to Assets/Import Package/custom package. I navigate to the Book Assets folder. It won’t let me import, I can only open the folder. I open the folder inside are a number of folders the first is 0b5cb7471b5c04d53ad9211a037a15bd. I can’t import this folder either, only open it. Inside are files asset, metaData, and pathname. These are greyed out and cannot be selected.

    I tried changing the permissions to the folder and files to be readable and writable. But this changed nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • Hey Dixon ive seen this issue on mac sometimes – try grabbing some alternative unzipping tools for mac, that helped for me once, let me know how you get on.

  6. Thanks for a wonderful book. Made my life so much easier and it’s so fun to go through. I hope you write another book for intermediate level.

  7. Hey guys, this is one of the most comprehensive books on Unity I’ve encountered so far. I did, however, run into the same issue as the Dixon fellow.

    For some reason nothing that came standard on my Mac would unzip the file I downloaded from the site. I kept trying different ways of unzipping, or opening, but nothing seemed to work. That is, until I received an email from a rep from the Packtpub team giving me a link that was somehow the same as the one I had been trying, except it took me to a different looking page.

    If you consistently have problems trying to unzip any package, I believe all you have to do is download it ONLY. Then, with Unity open and running, simply double click on the file and a prompt will pop up in Unity with all the assets you need.

    A simple solution, I know, but sometimes it’s the simplest of things that can hang you up on making progress. Like anything in life, where there is a will, there is a way. Hope this helped!

  8. Hey I just want to say I love the book, I made it to this page because I was looking for a solution to the unzip problem, but I grabbed Unarchiver which I have used before and it fixed the problem. Love the book Will.

  9. It is a great book. But I could not find javascript files after opening book_assets. It shows models, sounds and textures only. Do I miss something?

  10. Hello,

    Great book so far, bought the Kindle version. However, I’m also having a problem with the Book Asset Bundle. I’ve downloaded twice and tried extracting the zip file with Hamster Archiver (I’m on PC), but I keep getting the message “Archive is corrupt or has an unknown format”. It’s not the software, other .zip files are extracting just fine. Any clues?

  11. Hey man, just picked up the book from Amazon and have been working with it for five hours so far. Gotta say, it is a great tool and I have learned a lot.

  12. I have tried redownloading and reimporting the package into Unity but Unity says that the audio files do not contain a supported format. Everything else imported fine just the sound folder. Not sure what to try now. I’m using Unity 4.1

  13. I am loving your book but am confused as to why I can’t open the Unity4 assets on this page. I’ve tried 7zip, WinZip and WinRAR, all to no avail. Is there a way you could explain what the differences are?

    I’ve been able to get the original asset bundle from the packtpub site, so just need to understand what the differences might be with the model importing.


    • You don’t need an expanding package for this file – it’s just a .unitypackage file – just double click it with unity open and it’ll import!

  14. Hey guys,
    It is the most comprehensible book I have ever read, really great job!
    However, I encountered a problem with the outPost part of the downloaded content. Basically there’s no opening and closing animation for the door in my version. I have the sounds and everything, just it’s not animating. It says in the inspector under the “Animations” that “Element 1” and “2” has “Default Take” assigned to them. I have tried to replace them with the opening and closing animation, but they’re nowhere to find.
    Thank you in advance,

    • Viktor, I just tested this with a fresh download of the 4.x book assets in unity 4.3 and the animations import fine by default.

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